A bit more information about the day...

A bit about the day

The day is busy at first, but you’ll find it settles into its own pace as people get more comfortable. 

  • The day starts with a registration about an hour ahead of the first WOD. All athletes should have a chance to drop off any cash and cheques they’ve collected. Then each gym will have an athlete from the Special Olympics come out and say a few words about how the program has affected their lives. 
  • All the gyms across Canada start working out at the same time, so BC will start at 9am and PEI will start at 1pm. 
  • You should look to do a warm up 10 min prior to the top of the hour and a cool down after the workout
  • Athletes are encouraged to join the conversation on FB, Twitter, Instagram – a link to all relevant hashtags and pages will be circulated ahead of time
  • Special Olympics athletes are encouraged to join teams for the 3rd workout of the day – it will be an accessible WOD – last year it was Pushups, Runs and Lunges
  • Gyms are encouraged to scale workouts, teams, timing as makes sense for their clientele. We’ll provide a guideline, but you should make it your own!

Financial Expectations

The pledge drive ahead of the event is designed to raise money for Special Olympics athletes. The programs and facilities used the athletes are the biggest draw on the foundation and your funds go directly to helping the athletes secure funding and equipment. Travel costs and competitions are also a huge draw and your dollars allow the athletes to represent Canada on the world stage. With that you should be working to encourage participants at your gym to raise funds for this amazing cause.

Facility Requirements and Safety

Each gym should strive to have a safe, comfortable and fun event. Consider the following as you take this event on:

  • Ensure that you have sleeping, showering, bathroom facilities on site to accommodate the number of teams that you’re considering. We can help you set and enforce a cap. 
  • Make sure you’ve got enough workout space to have everyone working out safely. WODs may leverage equipment that not all gyms have so please feel free to scale/sub as needed to fit your gym space.
  • Participants should be briefed on movements ahead of each WOD – over the course of 24 workouts communication is critical to avoid injury, fatigue and to keep moral high
  • Encourage participants to take care of each other – know when to scale, rest, sub, etc.